Friday, June 10, 2016

The hospital

Duty nurse, silent curse,
Doctor making matters worse;

Complaining patient: "No relation
been to see me. Book the hearse!"

Nervous intern trying to re-learn
things he thought he'd learned last night;

Seething surgeon quietly urging
nursing staff to "get it right";

Student doc, composure rocked,
Diagnosis way off beam;

Admin lady thinking "maybe
time to quit and live the dream"

Yet over there beside a bed
a nurse holds on to aged hands,
and as she hears the lonely fears,
she nods and understands.

And in a room a doctor gives
the news depriving him of sleep;
He tells man he's not long to live,
then steps outside to weep.

And so it is amidst the grind,
you'll always find the quiet grace
of noble folk who've set their mind,
to serve the human race.