Friday, August 28, 2015

The interview

Upright back, no hair out of place,
Pale thin lips on white skin face.

Sharp blue eyes, wide with fear,
Ears now straining, desperate to hear.

Knowing she knows but the words are not there,
Rising anxiety, growing despair.

Chastising her weakness, again how she's failed!
So much depending, husband and child.

Late in the day her body is found,
Hanging in silence, just above ground.

Back at the home, oblivious to all,
Husband and child hear the ring in the hall.

Child wins the race and picks up the phone,
Its Marwood and Co, is mummy at home?

Not at the moment, she's gone into town;
Can I give her a message? Yes, please take this down.

Tell her her efforts have come to fruition,
We've reached our conclusion:

She's got the position.